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 Kurai Varme

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PostSubject: Kurai Varme   Fri Jun 19, 2009 8:11 pm

Name: Kurai Varme

Age: 11

Hair: Shoulder-length jet black.

Eyes: Wide, strangely innocent-looking dark purple

Personality: Kurai is punk/goth in style, but she isn't like that in personality. She's very bold, is afraid of practically nothing, is very adventurous/dare-devil, troublemaker, rulebreaker, and she plays the flute and she sings very nicely. She lives in her own imagination, and she always sneaks out at night just to look at the stars, and pretend she can predict the future just by reading the constellations. She can also hot-wire a car, drive a car, drive a motorcycle, break into somebodies bank account at an ATM, pickpocket, forge signatures and ID's, among other crimes.

Clothing: She tends to go with the gothic/punkish/skater style. She wears a scarlet skirt, but with black leggings under it. She wears a black T-shirt, and it usually has skulls on it, peace signs, or catchy sayings. She likes boots, and tennis shoes.

Pokémon: She has a male Sneasel who stays out of his ball named Jack, she has a Squirtle named Karento, and a Rhyhorn named Kawa. All male.

History: She's Arashi's sister. She has an older sister, an older brother, another older brother(Arashi), and two younger brothers. They grew up in the Johto region, and her parents got divorced when she was two, and her dad moved away to the Kanto region. She doesn't have many memories of her father.

Without a father, and an increasingly frail mother, Kurai was soon left alone with two little brothers as one by one her older siblings moved out. She had not friends in her town. She grew extremely lonely, and started getting into trouble to put a little "fun" into her life. She would steal cars, motorcycles, money, anything she could. She'd egg, ding-dong-ditch, and toilet paper houses. She snuck out at night. She's forge signatures on checks.

When she turned nine, she became a trainer. But, mostly, she kept stealing, trying to get enough money to help her mom get better. Her father sent her a Squirtle for her birthday, and she named him Karento. She kept him in his ball.

One day, while visiting a city, she stumbled across a lone Sneasel who was stealing from a Pokemart. The villagers were going to kill him - he had stolen almost everyhting left out - but she persuaded them to let her have him. They were friends immediately, both being thieves and everything, and they became partners in crime.

Then, she caught a Rhyhorn, just before her tenth birthday. Not a week later, she got a call from Arashi, telling her she needed to come home because their mom was getting worse.

They stayed there, tending to her for about a year. Her family caught her stealing some medicine, and she got in trouble with the police. Her older sister had to accompany her everywhere.

Arashi went away to PNC, and her sister told her she could go when she was eleven, and then she turned eleven, and now she's here!
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Kurai Varme
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