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PostSubject: Profile Rules   Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:37 pm

Alright, if you're gonna submit as profile, here's a few rules!


Please don't post profiles in this topic, it's an quite annoying mess, especially since I have to clean it up! >_<+

2. You may use pictures to describe you character, but they must be moderately clothed, and be PG-13 maximum. Also, try not to make the pictures too big.

3. If someone has already made a profile, don't steal it and edit it. I'm looking for originality people!

4. Here is the basic template:

Name: -name here-

Age: -if known, put age or how old they look here-

Hair: -hair here-

Eyes: -eyes here-

Personality: -character's personality-

Clothing: -character's clothing-

Pokémon: -character's pokémon-

History: -character's history- (Optional, but it would really help the character if they had a history, dont'cha think? >_<+)

That's all for now.

-Aima Like a Star @ heaven

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Profile Rules
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