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 Natsuki Hiromiko

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PostSubject: Natsuki Hiromiko   Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:27 pm

((Since I'm not making a whole other account for Natsuki, a profile will just have to do. :U))

Name: Natsuki Hiromiko

Age: 14

Hair: Long, sky-blue, usually worn in sort of a low ponytail.

Eyes: Icy blue.

Personality: Cold, emotionless, and quiet. Though she seems fragile, she's an excellent fighter, and an even greater strategist. She relies on pure logic in almost any circumstance. Because she usually appears emotionless, one glare from her is usually enough to send chills down anyone's spine. Or worse, a smile. (She kinda reminds me of Sune. >_>)

Clothing: Wears the school uniform from what appears to be a different academy. Shirt is colored white and light-blue, with a light-blue skirt that comes down a little past her knees. Wears white and blue socks that come almost to her knees, and brown shoes.


<===Suichi (Male)

<===Maenek (Male)

<===Hichika (Female)

<===Fuyu (Female)

<===Toshi (Male)

<===Hibiki (Female)

History: Sort of mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. It's been confirmed that she's Aima's younger sister, but not much else is known about her.

((Yay. =.=))

Detective Conan Sig made by Kaen. (Thank you~ ;w; )
Trainer Card made by me.
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Natsuki Hiromiko
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