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 Dao Taugama

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Ghost Master

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PostSubject: Dao Taugama   Fri Mar 28, 2008 6:46 pm

Name: Dao Taugama

Age: 64

Hair: Long and gray at the sides, and non-existent at the top.

Eyes: Dark blue

Personality: Calm, rational and friendly. Dao has studied most of his life the methods of self-control and discipline. Even so, he is not a rigid person. Dao is a great lover of nature and Pokemon, and is extremely reverent of the spirits he believes reside in everything. He knows a lot of folklore and understands the balance between light and dark, knowing that neither is inherently good or evil.

Clothing: Always dresses in the robes of a shinto monk, which consist of simple, flowing garments and sandals. He is often seen carrying a samsien, a musical instrument, on his back, which he plays in his spare time. He also wears a set of beads around his neck, each bead colored to match a Pokemon element. Finally, hidden somewhere in his robes are the apricorns which hold his Pokemon.

Pokemon: Mire (Haunter), Husk (Shedinja), Jedit (Sableye), Leota (Misdreavus), Mogat (Duskull), Taboo (Banette)

Background: Dao is not one to talk about his past much. From what is gathered, he was born in Ecrutek City in Johto. His early years were spent doing rather reckless things which he is ashamed to mention. He was, for a time, a Pokemon trainer, but never got farther than the routes around the city. At some point, he abandoned his training and instead became an initiate to the order of mediums in Ecrutek. Daos does mention he always, to some degree, knew he had a "sixth sense," but he attributes his focus and heightened awareness to the discipline of becoming a monk.

As a young adult, he set off wandering to find his own calling. He eventually found his way to Neo Challenges Island, drawn to the long-abandoned shrine hidden deep in the forest. Feeling a connection to the place, he made it his task to restore and re-cleanse the shrine, which at the time was a wreck and had become haunted by angry spirits. The original headmaster of the Academy befriended the strange monk, and allowed him to be the shrine's new keeper. Ever since, Dao has dutifully taken care of the sacred spot, and has now taken on the role of a teacher in hopes to educate students in the ways of the spirits; Ghost Pokemon.
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Dao Taugama
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