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 Combo Moves and 1-hit KOs

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PostSubject: Combo Moves and 1-hit KOs   Tue Jun 03, 2008 1:24 pm

Alright, here's the deal:

When you first start out, Combo Moves are banned. But over time when you get more experience, you can be allowed to use the combo moves more and more.

The teachers are allowed to use 3 moves in a combo, but even we are restricted when using them.

For 2-move combos, you roll the dice twice, and you add the numbers together.

For example: Let's lay that you rolled a 4 and a 5 after using a 2-move combo. depending upon which came first, and which came last, that is the total HP damage.

In the case of 4 first and 5 second, the total damage would be 45 HP.

BUT! There's a risk with combo moves! The outcome is much more dependent on the dice, considering that you must roll two of them. You could roll two 1's with a -10 for ineffectiveness (or even a -20 for super ineffectiveness), or you roll two 6's and have a +10 for effectiveness (or even +20 for super effectiveness)

Considering all that, I recommend that you use simple 1-attack moves.


As for the 1-hit KOs, they are currently banned from the site until further notice.

Have fun battling! ^^

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Combo Moves and 1-hit KOs
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